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    Not taking my life now, only taking it in event of starving to death or such, or when society quit caring and everyone is on their own.  I am not mean enough to harm others to ensure my own survival.

    Yes I have talked to a psychologist who I have seen for more than 7 years.  He said under "those circumstances" self euthinisation is acceptable.  Because the reality is if your not willing to harm others and you have impairments that prevent you from surviving on your own, your going to suffer severely and painfully and it will not be quick.  

    The way to help those who do not understand this, is to watch African videos of predators who catch prey. Note how the zebra won't fight, once it knows it caught and won't survive, so it lays down and lets the lion kill it quicker so the zebra won't suffer for long.

    Following are what I do as american to minimize my foot print.
    at this point I am simply trying to enjoy what time I have left  I have the smallest foot print of all the people my psychologist knows.

    My sole means of transport is bicycle year round even in winter.  

    I only use one light at a time that uses 23 watts or less, except when cooking.

    I cook a lot of food at once for multi-meals put left overs in frig and eat leftovers cold usually.

    I buy mostly used goods(other people cast off) now.

    I don't travel.

    I borrow books and movies from library. This reduces a lot of resources by collectively sharing the resources with everyone who uses the library.

    I buy 80% of my food from farmers market. that is 50 mile radius limit.

    I will not buy a ps4 or xbox one.

    I buy only used ps3 games.

    I watch my dvd collection over and over, instead of buying new movies.  I might buy used movies occasionally to fluff out collection, so don't get too bored with what I actually have.

    I minimize the chemicals I use. soaps , cleaners etc.

    I repair things the best I can, instead of throwing it away.

    I have zero indecent light bulbs.

    I use NO AC.  if I need to cool I put about 2 -3 inches water in tub and sit in it while reading books.

    I live in apartment building, during the winter, I keep heat turned off, relying on the apartments around me to keep me warm. If I do get cold, I put layers of blankets over me.

    If I don't want something, I let someone else in building have it, instead of throwing it in the trash.

    I dig usable stuff out of recycling bin and dumpster that I can use.  Like plastic bags to use as trash bags and such. I have not bought any trash bags in more than 6years now. This makes my plastic bag use zero by using someone else foot print after they threw it out not using it themselves..

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