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  •  Wow. And many thanks. (7+ / 0-)

    I got a chance to do some research on the Federal Theatre Project as an undergrad. But your nice piece brings back a more personal story. I was in grad school in early 80s and asked to interview for Women's History class someone who was at least 60 who remembered the Depression. I was almost 200 miles from home, farther from my Grandmother's residence. The professor may have lined up the interview; I only remember that the street she lived on was close to the professor's house, and I got chain grease on my nice raincoat, bicycling to this interview. But when I told my grandmother, much older than 60, at least in her 80s, of my little enterprise, she of course remarked, "Well you could have asked me; I remember something of those days." It formed something of an opening for conversation, remarkable because for two decades after her daughter, my mom, died, her only response was to get choked up and unable to finish a sentence just thinking of her.

    •  That reminds me (1+ / 0-)
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      of an incident when Elder Son (now 20) was about 3.  We were going down to Pueblo to visit my in-laws; my own father had recently been staying at our house, but had gone on to stay with one of my sisters for a while (that's what he liked to do in the last few years of his life: rotate between the homes of his children and grandchildren).

      In any event, Elder Son was talking about the ages of various people -- how old his baby brother was, how old his dad was, how old his grandpa was -- and when he got to his Nana, he just emphatically stated "and Nana, she's a whole buncha old!"

      Which was a crack up, because his Nana was a quite youthful 65, and 9 years younger than my dad!

      One man gathers what another man spills. -- Garcia, Hunter, Lesh

      by Frankenoid on Fri Nov 29, 2013 at 05:28:48 PM PST

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