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View Diary: Republicans continue efforts to suppress the vote in places where it will do them the most good (72 comments)

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  •  I'm sure ALEC has one ready to go. (5+ / 0-)

    Voter ID required to cast the ballot.

    Voter ID must be obtained by one of a very limited set of conditions - two original (not photocopied) forms of government issued ID (one of which must bear a recent photo).  The other may be a social security card.  The address on the photo ID must match the voter registration address (to exclude people who are transient per hannah above).  The name on both IDs must exactly match the name being registered (which is the problem Texans including Wendy Davis ran into).  For purposes of this, a school ID is not considered a government ID, so this rules out many students (who would likely also have been ruled out by the address being different).  They'd probably also rule out anyone voting who isn't a citizen, in case there might be some election where a category like "resident alien" might be allowed to vote.

    New registrations will not be accepted in the 30 days (or whatever period is required for ballot initiatives or candidates to be on the printed ballot, whichever is greater)  prior to the election (getting rid of same-day registration and voting) since that encourages younger or more recently motivated populations to register.

    Get rid of online voter registration - require all registrations to be done in person, at government offices, so that the photo ID can be verified.  This also rules out voter registration drives.

    Signature at the polling place must exactly match the signature on record.  Signatures can be challenged by any of the party officials on hand to witness the voting and upon a challenge, the vote will be placed into a provisional status, only to be counted if the person returns to the government office by the end of the week to satisfy the clerk that their signature does indeed match.

    Unacceptable addresses for voters are PO boxes, apartment houses, group homes or business addresses, unless your name is on the lease as the owner of the business.

    I'm sure there are plenty more that could be thought up that might seem reasonable for some purpose but then when you start looking at all the ways it could cause a problem for a Democratic demographic, you'll see that it shaves points in favor of Republicans.

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