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View Diary: Lara Logan asked to take leave of absence from 60 Minutes (221 comments)

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    Isn't it time we all admitted that 60 Minutes has become a right-wing parody of its former self? It's also often like reading People Magazine, replete with embarrassingly fawning portraits of celebrities and billionaires. Logan is a disgrace to the network that gave us such hard-hitting and trusted journalists as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. I am surprised at the number of Daily Kos readers defending Logan in this thread. No, Logan most certainly isn't a feminist hero or victim of misogyny. She's a bad reporter who pimped 60 Minutes out to a right-wing conspiracy to discredit Obama and Hillary Clinton, and for that alone she should have been fired.

    PS: I spelled the former general's name incorrectly in the previous post: It is Stanley A. McChrystal. Sorry for the error.

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