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  •  Being popular in Europe does not disqualify him (0+ / 0-)

    from being a war criminal. Take a look at what Pakistan, one of his main victims, thinks of him. 10% approve of him there.

    Indiscriminate drone bombing, which so called "signature strikes" are, is a war crime. If your criterion for who you can bomb is "any military age male in a 'combat zone'" you are a war criminal. If you murder a 16 year old American citizen because of who his father was, you are a war criminal.

    Amnesty International agrees with me here.

    Re: Halperin, that's not what he said. He said there was rationing built into Obamacare, which is true and nobody disputes. The person interviewing him used the word death panels. Moreover, the incident doesn't call his trustworthiness into question: he didn't lie about anything.

    It's funny you bring up Bush. You are indistinguishable from someone apologizing for his war crimes. Doesn't that fill you with any shame? I'm guessing not; that part of your brain had probably atrophied.

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