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    Or if you didn't like Apple, maybe buying Priceline at $70/share or so in 2009  ($1,178 today) or maybe Amazon at $50/share ($381 today). Heck, or even follow that 'evil' corporate guy Carl Icahn into Netflix at $85 just a few months ago (now  $355). Or Google (oops...I missed that one). This stuff isn't magic - just invest in companies making a difference in actually improving our lives (and doing so at a profit).

    More than likely, you'll be happy where Facebook stock is 5 years from now. And if you believe in cleaner energy and wouldn't mind raking in some profits in the future, what's stopping you from putting your money on Tesla or Solar City stock and perhaps backing the new Edison/Steve Jobs (Elon Musk)?

    I forgot - if corporations are just empty entities, what difference does leadership and vision from PEOPLE like Elon Musk make?

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