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View Diary: Ending the criminal insanity of the concept of corporations as people (280 comments)

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  •  per: "jesus lobby" (16+ / 0-)

    this douche claims he's a "christian" and that providing birth control via insurance to some of his 13k employees "violates my religious faith"...

    if he's a christian, aka, one who follows the teachings of jesus christ - i would like this douche (or his lawyers) to point out christ's teachings on the subject of reproductive health, birth control in particular...i seemed to have missed those in sunday school, even though all of jesus' words were highlighted in red

    Sarah Palin is a disgusting racist pig.

    by memofromturner on Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 03:49:16 AM PST

    •  If his company's behavior impacts HIS faith (6+ / 0-)

      than he has no "faith" worthy of the term, first off.

      Second if he feels his company's behavior is morally, meaningfully HIS behavior...then ALL the distancing mechanisms inherent to corporations MUST FAIL TO APPLY:  if the two are equivalent, then they are equivalent, and that's the end.

      If that distinction between corporate responsibility and personal responsibility, then owners and officers simply can't shimmy across that line any way they want to..  They can't cross it at all or the line is erased & they can 'enjoy' their unshared personal accountability for their businesses.

      The requirement to provide health insurance is on the business, not the owner;  the details of what is covered is not germane.  To treat it otherwise is to render 'limited-liability' meaningless.

      trying to stay alive 'til I reach 65!

      by chmood on Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 06:17:13 AM PST

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