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View Diary: Ending the criminal insanity of the concept of corporations as people (280 comments)

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  •  Are We a Nation Ruled By Law? (0+ / 0-)

    The question really boils to down that one essential question. If we are nation ruled by laws, then neither individuals nor corporations gets to to exempt themselves from any law, no matter what justification they put forward.

    Allowing a corporation to opt-out of paying for insurance polices that include birth control coverage under the guise of religious freedom is to allow all corporations to opt out of any law not to their liking under the veneer of religious freedom. It opens a Pandora's Box because we can not pick and choose whose religious tenets have merit without shredding the Constitution's requirements that our laws do not favor one religion over another.

    It also ignores the elephant in the room, namely that religious freedom is only of many rights innumerated in the Constitution. Once you are free to ignore a law you dislike on the basis of one basic right, you can find a way to justify ignoring virtually every law that has ever been passed based on asserting that one or more basic rights have been trampled on. In short, this way lies madness.

    I will be truly stunned if the Supreme Court rules against the Federal Government in this case.

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