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    One bright side, if the Supremes decide that corporation's faith is legally superior to human faith, is that women employees of child bearing years may be forced to turn to the ACA for their health insurance.
    That means Corporations and Religions work in tandem to further control women's bodies, and the White House's 'office of faith-based initiatives' (executive branch) controls how laws are written, and corporate-written laws are passed by Congress (legislative branch) and interpreted by $COTU$ (judicial branch), and all are free to ignore the First Amendment's separation of church and state.

    ACA, remember, is a great big governmental giveaway to profit-making private insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical corporations, all of which will soon be making record-setting profits.  This started with Dumbya's Medicare Part D [prescription insurance] when senior citizens and disabled people on Medicare were told to 'buy this corporate insurance or else.'  Medicare Part A and Part B are what the payroll deductions we have pay for in a giant pool of "not-for-profit single-payer health insurance."  We pay for Medicare from our first paycheck's payroll deductions through receiving Social Security and death since Medicare payments are deducted from Social Security before the remainder is deposited in one's bank account.

    Now, of course, the ACA law comes along and continues the tradition with a few more teeth in the law and says "buy this corporate insurance or pay a fine of $1000."

    Not-for-profit single-payer health insurance (Medicare structure) is what most people want.  ACA is strictly for-profit insurance for medical & pharmaceutical corporations (the latter raise their prices accordingly 'because insurance pays for it' and getting that money involves insurance corporations raising premiums to pay for the price hikes..., or we are forced to additionally and separately pay for huge co-pays).  Premiums people are obliged by law to pay for-profit insurance corporations go straight into corporate coffers..., not into the not-for-profit single-payer government-managed Medicare coffers.

    Religions are often run like corporations, complete with big media PR productions (think in terms of the Geico duck or the Geico camel).  No one can put on a show like religions [the origins of modern theatre go back to religious pageants played to illiterate audiences forced to go to church, in fact ~ religious pageants were okay, but theatre otherwise was forbidden by the church until it wasn't with the provisio that the tale told had some moral value].

    So, if corporations gain the right to keep women second-class dependent citizens and have power over each woman's individual reproductive organs via a $COTU$ decision that may have a huge impact on corporate profits, they'll be working hand-in-glove with all the big religions who have been trying to get women off the pill - or punish women for having sex and/or punish women for being raped - for almost 50 years.  Or women can pay for the "privilege" of having sex and/or managing painful medical conditions that can often be alleviated with birth control pills, for instance.  If women can afford to do so, that is, since females still do not have equal earning power.

    This has all happened within my lifetime because I remember when the pill first came out in the '60s and ushered in the era of guilt-free sex for women who could have sex for fun for the first time in history instead of having to worry about getting pregnant and she could manage the number of children she had (or she could be childless by choice).  Of course, the Catholic church led the way then, too, in screaming about women's licentiousness and lust (while hiding their pedophile priests by sending them from parish to parish...).  Et cetera.  Hypocrisy knows no bounds when religions get involved in something, and their power increases if corporations [yes, even not-for-profit corporations] get involved.

    Fun times ahead for women either way this $COTU$ decision goes.


    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 08:39:05 PM PST

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