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  •  (I have thought in the past of advising people (3+ / 0-)
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    of this. So beyond the often insurmountable cost of moving (you're ill you can't even pack sometimes, can't hire a truck, need movers...and first and last months rent) there is one other issue seemingly invisible to people not in dire straits.

    When you are ill, you need your support system and often do not have the where with all/emotional energy to make new support systems if you move.

    When you are ill and don't have much money you can't throw money at the problem. For example, if you can't drive you can't afford a taxi or to hire a driver to your important doctor's appointments. If you need an aid, you can't afford one. When you are ill oftentimes you rely on family and close friends to help. It actually oftentimes would negatively effect your health to move away from the support.

    It is true that when you are in such dire straits some will have blinders on because of the stress. In those cases to understand a person'd barriers for moving may be useful.

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