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View Diary: Next stop in GOP judicial nominations obstruction: Blue slips (55 comments)

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    citizens of states with a republican senator deserve to have the local federal bench staffed with at least a few less ideological jurists.

    With the blue slip in place Obama's staff has to find judges who are fairly right wing in order to have any chance of getting past the blue slip barrier.

    Or alternatively the republicans might just block every appointment and leave the positions unfilled. But in that case they might be leaving them open for another 10 years so the end result is a case backlog in their own back yards.

    I hope Leahy kills it at the first sign of abuse. Then Obama's staff would have the freedom to simply choose qualified judges who are not necessarily batshit right wingers.

    •  The downsides of leaving those (0+ / 0-)

      seats open are less.

      In my opinion the main use of Blue Slips has been (Jesse Helms notorious use besides) has been as warning shots from minority Senators that they "must be taken seriously".

      Sure this time it is just a District Judge, but "I got clout and the next time it might be me filibustering your Circuit choice".

      Well under the new rules the possibilities of escalating are that much smaller. Of course the proof is in the pudding, if we see an escalation of blue slipping and other methods of obstruction than Leahy in the first case and Reid in the second may well have to take action. But this kind of looks too much like looking for the black cloud inside the silver lining for my tastes.

      Because just between you me and 999,998 other Kossacks too many progressives seem terminally afflicted with "Man we are just fucked! STILL and AGAIN"-itis and with symptoms that flare up with little or no apparent significant cause. Or even at what should be partial cures.

      At best this leads to defeatism and at worst to the mostly counterproductive 'Heighten the Contradictions' strategy.

      SocSec dot.Defender at - founder DK Social Security Defenders Group

      by Bruce Webb on Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 03:02:05 PM PST

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