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View Diary: Next stop in GOP judicial nominations obstruction: Blue slips (55 comments)

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  •  How many ridiculous "traditions"... (5+ / 0-)

    does it take to screw up a government? Frankly I'm amazed that this country has managed to get anything done with the seemingly endless procedural dodges available for obstruction.

    From the politicization of everything from judges to dogcatchers and the exaggerated importance of legislative minorities this country has all but ground to a halt.

    Republicans trumpet the benefits of democracy to the world but can't accept the results of elections at home. It's a pity their reverence for "the minority" doesn't extend to "the minorities" they habitually demonize and try to suppress.

    I'm so terribly sick of these hypocritical pricks.

    •  Things like the blue slip work fine if everybody (0+ / 0-)

      acts in a gentlemanly manner.  Which is in short supply of late, since there's been a breakdown of the basic consensus that the government should actually function.  In years past, this was something post parties agreed on.

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