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View Diary: Zimmerman Got Arrested With A 'Stockpile', Or Something (64 comments)

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    Zimmerman was arrested and let out on bail with the order not to have firearms and not to go near his girlfriend.

    Bail conditions:

    The Florida judge that set his bail put numerous conditions on it:
    -- Zimmerman cannot go to two Florida addresses.
    -- He cannot have contact with the accuser, Samantha Scheibe.
    -- He cannot possess weapons.
    -- He must wear a monitoring device.
    -- He cannot travel outside Florida.
    I don't care how many everyday folks have guns like that.

    He was specifically ordered not to have guns pending his hearing.  This is a large amount of weaponry for someone with a history of domestic abuse - someone who has a habit of aiming the gun at women he's pissed of at, a history of using a gun to kill someone.

    So sure, Second Amendment . . . I've never waded into that subject.

    This particular man has a particular history that makes this amount of weaponry and ammunition worrisome.

    As someone pointed out below, he wasn't arrested for having these guns.  The guns were found via warrant issued because of his arrest last week.

    If they found him with a gun now, he would be put back in jail for violating bail conditions.

    Too bad he was allowed to have guns after his first arrest for domestic violence.

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