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View Diary: Administration announces another Obamacare delay (110 comments)

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  •  keep on polishing that rebublican turd (5+ / 0-)

    We keep holding our noses and lining up behind the abortion that is the ACA.  It will get "fixed" no doubt.

    It does take some baby steps that are significant - outlawing pre-existing conditions exclusions, etc.  Great.

    But at the core it is an inferior mess of a solution.  It keeps for-profit companies in the middle of citizens health care decisions.  As a result, it is extremely complex and has loads of administrative overhead.

    A simple Medicare for All, single payer national health service would be a so much better it is not even funny.

    Instead of the problems, the discussion would be what is the reasonable rate card for services -  how much should a routine doctor visit cost?  How much should doctors, nurses and hospitals be paid?

    Medicare for All single payer would not exclude private insurance for those who have the money and want to spend it on exclusive "better" services.

    The whole ACA soap opera is a direct result, part and parcel, the whole tamale, due to it being a for-profit, right wing program of corporate welfare.

    Ugh.  I am getting sick of watching the continuing saga.

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