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View Diary: Military purge disclosed for Obama's planned take over of the USA (100 comments)

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  •  With respect for your views.... (2+ / 0-)
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    Ooooh, Another Grizzle

    Some will get emotionally drained pretty quick if we don't let some of this go.  And there are those who welcome a real life liberal to get into a pissing match with.

    I do let some things go, as I did a few weeks back when someone had a faux riff by Don Rickles that trashed Obama.  First I checked that the refutation was on Snopes,so someone could check it out.

    Then I did write my refutation, but put it on my web site rather than send to a man who is in the same group as Eric.  This man would not have "gotten it,' and sees these things as a type of conversation.  

    So for me, I pick my shots, I don't have the emotional strength to take on every single simplistic echoing of Rush Limbaugh.  If I can find someone whom I have a degree of respect for, then engagement is easier and has a chance of being effective.

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