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View Diary: The sudden (and somewhat premature) pundit obsession with 2010 (125 comments)

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  •  Why Progressives Should Be on the Offensive (4+ / 0-)

    This is why progressives should be on the offensive. Most of the country wants liberal policy, they just want working liberal policy.

    We need to declare a peace dividend and transfer money from military spending to social spending, where it will help the economy gain traction. This can be thought of as a reward for the austerity people had to suffer under a Republican dominated capital.

    5X, etc.

    And Democrats should come out for building worker and environmental protections into our trade agreements. We need to insist that existing trade agreements have an international minimum wage added--or we pull out.

    We need to select and support Democratic candidates for 2014 that sign up for progressive initiatives. By shifting money to those candidates we show the American people we mean to fix the problems, not just sign on to Republican ideas. They've seen enough of Republican ideas. That's why the Republican numbers are subterranean.

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