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View Diary: Rushbo and other Cons react to Pope, call him Commie (173 comments)

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  •  Perhaps we will see a resorting of (6+ / 0-)

    Catholics and Protestants once again.  The abortion and gay rights issues have given some common cause in the past and where there were great differences (on immigration and poverty issues, civil rights and the value of education for everyone) we have seen a quiet glossing over.

    With Pope Francis in the lead Christians will have to reexamine their faith, realign their positions, and refocus their efforts.  Many Protestant denominations will fall on the side of Francis and have always done so.  Others (the Rush Limbaugh embracing variety) will start to do what they used to do all the time.  Emphasize their differences with other groups and then there will be fewer one or two issue voters.

    With fewer one issue voters (Francis has cautioned against that) there are chances to speak truth into the decision making process and seek social justice, mercy and common welfare.

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