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View Diary: Rushbo and other Cons react to Pope, call him Commie (173 comments)

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    It's obvious that Communism only succeeds where it jettisons its own models for investment and management of economic organizations.

    It becomes "communist" in name only. For example: China is now the most thoroughgoing example of economic fascism that has ever been put together.

    Even then, the PRC succeeds because they found a pool of 350,000,000 reasonably educated, smart people who could be converted to long-range commuter slaves. Give any system 350,000,000 slaves and access to foreign markets -- the pharoahs could have built a superpower.

    Be that as it may.....

    The Communists all the way back to Marx were right about what's wrong with Capitalism.

    Concentration of wealth........ sucks.

    And Capitalism inevitably produces unhealthy concentrations of wealth. Capitalists get to where they control government. Left running loose, they screw up every institution from schools to the military.

    And The Fed pumps out $85,000,000,000 a month at near-zero interest rates today -- none of it aimed to the bottom of the Pareto Curve.

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