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View Diary: Eugene Robinson responds to Pope Francis (138 comments)

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  •  And people like Paul Ryan, Pat Buchanan (0+ / 0-)

    and other self-professed "good Catholics" do not have a clue as to the true message of Love that the Master, Jesus, taught and lived.  They are so far away from the basic meaning of Christianity/Catholicism - Love and the Beatitudes and more Love.  Jesus, and his true church - are for the poor and the old and sick and the children and all who are trying to survive.  It appalls me to hear Paul Ryan's world view and personal direction related to the poor and the common good in our society.  He is a disgrace.  Instead of compassion and love, Ryan and the others live by judgement and disdain and selfishness and greed and the absence of love.

    I cannot imagine the twists and turns the self-righteous and selfish Christians must take in their own thought processes - in order to think that they are good Christians following Jesus.


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