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View Diary: The Zipper.            A Pictorial. (33 comments)

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  •  You know very well this isn't what I expected! lol (6+ / 0-)

    But what a lot of fun!!  How odd that I knew more than a few of the terms from the glossary...maybe in a previous life...??  naaaah.  I'm just not brazen enough.  Yet.

    Incidentally...I watch a lot of old western tv series on Encore, and notice bits of setting and dialogue and such.  One thing that bothered me for the longest time was the presence of zippers on women's dresses!  
    I actually had to look up the history of the blasted things, just to reassure myself that I was correct in thinking that women of the 1800's would not have had zippered dresses.  They didn't.

    Thanks for the fun, kiddo, and the great pics!

    Have a good weekend!


    We cannot call ourselves a civilised society if we refuse to protect the weakest among us.

    by The Marti on Fri Nov 29, 2013 at 08:21:20 AM PST

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