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  •  I think we're talking past each other. I suspect (0+ / 0-)

    I share the entirety of your critique of the institutional catholic church (which I certainly have no personal investment in), and I suspect that goes for most DK commentors too.   So one important question is: what could one possibly expect from a new person, who was ABLE to get himself elected pope, within the first 4 months of his tenure.  Do you think he could have abolished the Vatican Bank, in this timespan?  The financial holdings and dealings of the Catholic church are massive, sprawling, global; changing them will take time even if there is a will to do so.  AS for the policies on homosexuality and on non-ordination of women (which shuts them entirely out of power), these are core elements of Catholic doctrine that no pope could change unilaterally--that would have to be accomplished through a "Vactican III" council which was much more radical in its agenda than Vatican II  was.  Has he called for such a  council yet?  No.  IF we don't see some kinds of institutional moves like this within, say, a year, then I might be tempted to join you in "all hat, no cattle."

    Except even that doesn't fully address the situation.  A new pope is not like a new CEO; (a) because he's far more limited in the scope of orders he can issue, but also (b) because SO much of his influence is exercised by the pulpit, by his pronouncements themselves, esp when they take the 'official' form this latest thing did that created all the latest fuss.   Francis cannot change core catholic doctrine by himself but he can drastically re-emphasize certain aspects at the expense of others.    And him simply saying these things has already had material effects: why do you think all the RW nutjobs are freaking out about him?  I think there's plenty of scrutiny of Francis on DK, but it's educated scrutiny and I'm hoping there's room for some education in your case too.    

    •  Read Fred Clarkson's diary on this pope. (0+ / 0-)

      The RR nuts who are most vocal about him are the stupid ones with the big mouths. Most RR conservatives have already figured out that he is just using their new GOP strategy of making their institution APPEAR to have changed when the basic policies/theology are not going to change one single bit.   I have seen little educated scrutiny offered by most of the diaries and a vast majority of commenters on this topic on Kos.

      The fact that he hasn't had "time" to make changes is all the more reason to hold his feet to the fire and stop fawning all over his every pronouncement.

      •  What's Clarkson's username? I don't find anything (0+ / 0-)

        under his actual name, but I'd be happy to look at his diary with a little more pointer (or a link).  I do agree that there has been some "fawning"---DK is a big place now with its share of unreflective commentary--but I would hardly extend that to Triple-B (who wrote this diary).  I think he's pretty well established himself as both progressive and thoughtful.  Again, maybe you disagree.

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