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  •  The national media exists to placate the Right. It (9+ / 0-)

    is quite apparent that the story was pursued by 60 minutes out of the Right Wing's obsession with the Benghazi issue, and, after airing, 60 minutes received great praise from conservatives as a job well done.

    Once it was discovered that the story was a hoax, the Right Wing pundits moved on and pretended as though they had not envisioned constructing a whole new anti-Obama campaign based on the 60 minutes report.

    60 minutes also tried to move on for days after it was clear they aired a false report. Why? Well, the Right, unlike their response to Dan Rather's report on George W. Bush's National Guard service, was not exercised over the hoax.

    The Left cried foul  in this case and really, the networks could care less about the Left. When the Right cried foul they fired Dan Rather. When the Left cries foul it takes CBS days to even acknowledge the issue, but if this were an issue that the Right was angry about people would have lost their jobs!

    This placating of the Right is seen throughout the media, the Republican congress shuts down the government and cause the nation 24 billion dollars in the process and there is no outrage.

    The healthcare website malfunctions and they are reporting an end to the Obama presidency. It is quite startling.

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