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  •  I would rather clean up the stinkiest, smelliest, (0+ / 0-)

    skunky, stenchy garbage than shop on Black Friday.

    LOL!! And I hate stench and filth but let me at it if it is between that and Black Friday or Tgiving shopping. I would not even go to CVS and i need some otc medications for a cold  

    With my back problems and other health issues, I hate shopping anyway..the fatigue and pain are awful even if I shop in the middle of the summer with no one else in the store..I hate it.

    Plus my husband works retail and his big box store was not open on Thanksgiving but they said it probably will open next Thanksgiving because the mall and other big box stores were crowded and had huge sales.

    Someone told me they never saw our local mall this busy Ever on a Black Friday as it was thanksgiving night.

    There are stories about people leaving the table literally after eating to go stand in line for stores to open. People were leaving Thanksgiving gatherings, cancelling plans to shop. I do not get that.

    My very liberal good friend did shop all night Thanksgiving night but she did not go until 10 pm long after guests had left. She only did it as she loves, loves shopping and she is a night owl. It also eases her depression to shop.  So she felt bad about the workers and she refuses to go to Walmart...just the mall..and she went around thanking every clerk for working Thanksgiving and she was very nice.

    I could not do it out myself, first because I hate shopping, secondly..well I just could not do it on principle..but I hate to judge others who my friend, for instance, is a very strong supporter of the President and very strong liberal when it comes to voting and supporting progressives.

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    by wishingwell on Sat Nov 30, 2013 at 05:48:52 PM PST

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