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  •  Oh, I took Clinton's measure from the '92 (1+ / 0-)
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    primary campaign when he took a break from the New Hampshire primary campaign to fly back to Arkansas to preside over the execution of a borderline retarded inmate, Ricky Ray Rector (IQ=69). Yeah, Rector was 'faking it' when he asked his guards to save the dessert from his final supper for 'later.'

    Clinton scored a two-fer with that little stunt: proved he was 'tough on crime' and distracted the media's attention from his escapades with Gennifer Flowers. What's the life of one retarded inmate compared to those two objectives? sarcasm

    Only time I ever saw Clinton lose his cool in pubic was when he talked by phone with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and she landed a couple well-deserved jabs about the Rector affair and assorted other peccadilloes.

    Ancient history, eh? For more on that profile in courage:

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