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  •  imo your criticisms apply more to Homeland now (6+ / 0-)

    than the Walking Dead then. Bout ready to give up on Carrie and Saul and the contrived plot line. Your criticism, applied to Homeland would be more than fair, imo. Homeland is still better than most, but  terrists can not compete with Zombies, I guess.

    I guess I got a lot more out of WD Season 1 than you did. I was satisfied with the character development, particularly in light of the extremely short season. Not so easy to launch a series. I got it that Rick sought out his wife and realized but decided to overlook that she was diddling around with good buddy, all zombie things considered. I got it that Andrea was only invested in surviving because of her sister. I got it that Dale was the show's moral center, and Shane was a love-lorn selfish survivalist, that Morgan knew he should put down his zombie wife but couldn't bring himself to do it. I got it that Merle was a big problem. I got it that Dr. CDC had tipped over the edge, and wanted some company falling all the way over. I don't see how anyone could have built more character development than this when the real focus was rightly on hungry bitey lurkey zombies.

    Season 1 was awesome. Those critics were wrong.

    •  Homeland is terror porn (1+ / 0-)
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      And that's why I won't watch it any more. I only started because my SiL likes it and I saw a few episodes w/ her and my BiL. But after they let a vehicle remain unattended outside the CIA HQ while the VP is visiting, the show jumped the fucking shark. I have not seen an episode this season and probably won't ever again.

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