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  •  I realize that I'll piss off a lot of people here (2+ / 0-)
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    rwgate, DMentalist

    by saying this, but in my very personal opinion, serving in the armed forces does not necessarily correlate with the creation of right wing, über-Patriotic zombies with star-spangled eyes and spent ammo for dental fillings. In fact, I happen to believe that the only reason that the draft was done away with so handily back in 1973 was that the republicans didn't want to have to explain to the public while waging their future ongoing wars why their kids could suddenly obtain exemptions and deferments so easily while everyone below a "certain" income got declined... but that's only one component.

    Compulsory service taught me internal discipline, survival skills and a sense of self-respect that I could never have received in the home environment I came from - lower working class white folks transplanted into southern hillbilly hell out of economic necessity. Unfortunately that environment is more the norm these days than it was back in the 60s when a majority of parents (however slim) actually gave a damn where their kids were, what they were doing, how they were doing in school and helped them learn to manage money and their personal space. Today's kids are a sad majority of free range- raised ticking time bombs that believe their future fortunes are to be found as rap stars or athletes. This comes mostly from lousy homes with either single parents who have to work like dogs just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, or 2-parent families with adults who have the same issues - or worse.

    In my case, the most valuable thing I received as a consequence of service was to assess, adapt and improvise quickly in everything I do. I also learned to think for myself and analyze situations before taking definitive action. Does that sound anything like the kind of trash that uses patriotism as a euphemism for racist, misogynistic bullshit that panders to the financial elite?

    Maybe we SHOULD bring back compulsory service. It might help improve the lot of these kids and help them become contributors to our country instead of victims of our collective folly. If nothing else, it might make the neocon reicht wing chicken hawks think twice about creating more of their "police actions" in order to line the pockets of their pals in the Pentagon procurement industry if their kids have the equal potential to come home in an aluminum can...

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