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View Diary: Wall Street’s worst Nightmare: an Elizabeth Warren stoking our Populist anger (150 comments)

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  •  just because obama let us down (16+ / 0-)

    doesn't mean that we should eschew the best progressive candidate

    ewarren may not run for president but i hope she does

    as president, warren could do far more for economic populism than she ever can as senator

    that seems obvious

    am i missing something?

    •  agree, unapologetically. You are not missing (16+ / 0-)


      I want her to run.

      I used to agree with the reasoning that we should leave a good Congress-person where they are if they are doing great stuff.

      Well, that is logical, but in this instance I feel Warren would do even greater things as President.

      Of course we still need a great progressive Congress. That's a given. But, we can't forget that the presidency isn't just the obvious.

      A president can inspire a movement. It started with Obama inspiring. But, we need another President who will not only inspire, but also not disappoint. Obama, with all the wonderful wonderful work he has done, has also been a disappointment. When he could have stayed strong on issues, he still believed in compromising with the lunatic Right.

      I might be naive, but I think Warren would inspire and never back down. I don't believe we would feel that she sold us out, and disappointed the way we have with Obama at times.

      I am confident that with Warren as president, the public will finally believe that voting is worthwhile and that you do get a good outcome when you vote for a good guy.

      I can't write the way other DK's do, but I am passionate about Warren and think others will be too, if we help get her message out.

      And I have to say that this diary has been so inspiring. Some of the posts are amazing. And I am really more optomistic than ever that Elizabeth Warren should run, and have a very strong chance of winning.

      In the short term, we need to look at 2014 as an opportunity to 'pack' the Senate and the House with lots of good people. Then, 'losing' Elizabeth from the Senate, in order to get the big white abode, will be totally do-able.

      And, 'everybody lives happily everafter'.

      I am an Elizabeth Warren Democrat

      by karma13612 on Sun Dec 01, 2013 at 07:21:52 AM PST

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      •  That's How I See It Too (12+ / 0-)

        Yes, we need a Progressive Congress. And a Progressive Supreme Court. A Progressive president -- like Obama pretended to be -- is the best way to make all that happen. Why? Because the American People love and desperately need the economic populism Warren embodies. When Obama got elected the Progressive counter-revolution was underway. Obama has confounded and retarded the movement but it is hasn't gone away. In fact, the Progressive renaissance is still underway. The American People were ready for fundamental change in 2008 and we are more ready now.

      •  The job of a president (5+ / 0-)

        is to fight off a swarm of bees with a broomstick. It's a job that nobody is good at, and your only hope is to not fuck up too much while you take your swings. Obama walked into work on Day One thinking he could just get the bees to line up and cooperate through the power of Reason.

        That bit of hubris cost him dearly; the people who believed he could take his talents into the presidency and wield that broom stick like a Jedi light saber were similarly schooled.

        As a Senator, Warren can talk the talk, and also walk the walk, in terms of actual legislative capability. President Warren would still be able to talk, but her other crucial strength is replaced with a broomstick.

        •  Obama plays Weak Dick (8+ / 0-)

          to quote a friend of mine.

          He doesn't like to get out there and break balls unless
          it's someone on the left.

          He wants to build consensus and he listens to the

          remember "THese are the smartest people I ever met"?

          I remember it because it was the day I knew he was going to
          sell the administration to the bankers.

          Liz Warren wants small banks

        •  The President Runs Every Administrative Agency (11+ / 0-)

          The American President is the single most powerful person in the nation and probably in the world.

          Obama has not exercised his executive powers for economic populism. EWarren certainly would. EPA, SEC, DOE, DOJ, you name it: most of what is done at the federal level is done by the Executive branch. The meme about the impotent president was invented by Team Obama to rationalize his unwillingness to deliver the Progressive changes he promised.

          And that is not even considering the halo effect that EWarren would enjoy as the new president. Obama also squandered that but few presidents have or will. Immediately after Obama won, the country was seething with populist energy but Obama squashed it  for his own reasons. Politicians across the spectrum were enervated and moving Left because they thought they had to. Then Obama undermined it and the Conservative status quo was restored at least at the level of DC politics.

          You are correct that Obama failed to deliver. But IMO it is not -- as you suggest -- because he was stymied or confused. It was because Obama did not want Progressive policies. Just look his major appointees. In any event, he certainly has not used the power available to him to enact Progressive policies. I believe EWarren would if she were elected president. She certainly could.

    •  Warren could win the south. (12+ / 0-)

      She's good looking, she has that Okie accent,
      she understands how to talk to poor and working
      class whites.  She grew up working poor
      in Oklahoma.

      Oddly enough, she could put together a coalition
      like the Dems haven't seen in ages.

      She plays well in New England, taking the bulk of new
      england with her.

      She's super popular on the west coast, carrying that.

      She's an Okie so would play well in most of the midwest.

      If she teamed up with Katherine Sebelius or
      a popular southern figure, she could easily win the south.

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