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  •  from what I hear there's supposedly (14+ / 0-)

    some financial auditing and re-prioritizing going on - at his orders. I think I heard it on the news a couple weeks ago.

    I remember it because when I heard it I remember thinking - well...if he lives through 2014, I'll be surprised. I remember joking with my formerly catholic husband "Everything was all fun and games until he started messing with the money. I expect the bog knives to come out now."

    In fact I think (now that I think about it) it was an article in the foreign press online. I talked about how his financial rearranging would piss off old vatican-friendly crime syndicates (I know, I know, it sounds nuts) but they were talking about contracts the church had with various legitimate businesses that everyone knows are connected to a specific crime syndicate in the country (they named it but I can't remember the name) and how it could upset these long-standing business relationships blah blah.

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