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  •  How are they going to deligitimize this Pope? (2+ / 0-)
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    Stude Dude, myrmecia gulosa

    Any day now, we'll start hearing how the election of Francis was somehow illegitimate, because you're right, they can't go too far in delegitimizing his ideas without making him an actual anti-Pope.  

    Their belief system requires them to defer to a legitimate Pope.  They absolutely don't want to giver an inch on deferring to any of this Pope's ideas.  

    I guess that in some Bizarro World alternate universe, these people could resolve this contradiction by letting the Pope talk them out of at least some of their faith in capitalism.  But in this universe, you're right, functionally, these folks actually believe only in their own infallibility.  They can never give a "Marxist" Pope any sort of hearing.

    The only way they have to solve this contradiction is to deny that Francis is a legitimate Pope.  At some point they have to go from referring to him as an anti-pope as a rhetorical formulation, to preaching that he literally is not legitimately the Pope, that there was something off about his election.

    The less imaginative among them will go for outright, literal conspiracies.  They will hallucinate a Curia that, by analogy to Washington bureaucrats and the lamestream media, must be institutionally liberal, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.  This crypto-liberal Curial conspiracy arranged to miscount those secret ballots in order to make a liberal the new Pope.

    The more intellectual among them will settle for the idea that we have The Church, which sails majestically on in an unswerving, infallible course, but which occasionally gets a very temporary pilot who has some unsound ideas that get it slightly off course for brief time.  The election of Francis will be chalked up to the College letting itself get carried away from the "true" message of the Gospels by sentimentality over Francis's show of poverty and simplicity in his career in the Church up to his election.

    That's the crux that might get the conservatives across the spectrum to unite behind schism from Francis's Church.  If even the less fanatical conservatives see the fundamental values of The Church of theirs threatened, we will start to hear talk that Francis misrepresented himself to get elected.  He never told us about his radical beliefs.  He must have actively hidden his radical beliefs or the previous Pope would never have made him a cardinal.  He obtained the papacy by lying, which is perhaps even worse than if he had bribed his way into the post.  Clearly illegitimate, clearly not the true Pope.   Clearly the right-thinking cardinals have the duty to correct this mistake the College made, and depose this anti-pope in favor of a true Pope.

    You have to wonder if it isn't precisely such considerations that made Francis include some bows to institutional orthodoxy -- such as a reaffirmation of the all-male priesthood -- in his latest encyclical, despite such matters not having any clear relation to the "Marxist" ideas that seemed to be the main subject.  The conservatives are much less likely to bolt if they have a Pope who is just spouting off about being less homophobic, or social justice, or anything else they find equally distressing.  It's just the idle talk of one man who isn't going to be around forever -- right up to the point that he starts to change the institution itself.  That point would be schism time.

    The states must be abolished.

    by gtomkins on Sun Dec 01, 2013 at 07:34:16 AM PST

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