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  •  Nothing went as planned (15+ / 0-)

    at our Thanksgiving.  :)  I had planned on spending Wednesday afternoon pulling everything together for Thanksgiving Day.  But I lost all of the hearing in my left ear (on huge doses of Prednisone now) and my spouse broke his foot.

    So, Wednesday afternoon was spent at the audiology appointment, the otolaryngology appointment and then in Urgent Care.  We didn't get home until almost 10 p.m. which was when I started doing the prep work I had planned on doing eight hours earlier.

    We were quite the sight...I couldn't hear anything, my spouse couldn't lift anything and I can and do fall anytime I'm not sitting.  :)  Somehow, we managed to pull everything together and Thanksgiving Dinner went off without a hitch.

    Until my spouse (with this large, over-sized, padded walking boot that he'd been told to wear) managed to stomp on the cat's tail.  The cat is an inbred little thing with a tail that is only about 4 inches long.  She is also an old inbred cat and only has a few teeth left.

    She retaliated by managing to chomp him through the heavy wool sock right on the end of his big toe.  Which was barely exposed in the walking boot.  Two large punctures that bled.

    Which meant that Friday we were back in Urgent Care to get an antibiotic prescription for the now infected cat bite on the big toe of his broken foot.  :)

    I wrote all of the above in an email to a friend and she thanked me profusely for making her laugh and laugh after her very long, Black Friday at work.  I sent her back an email that I was happy to have been of service.  :)

    Just after hitting send, my spouse hobbled out into the kitchen to tell me that the temporary crown on his front, right tooth had just cracked and fallen off so that he now looked like he had meth mouth.

    We both laughed until we had tears rolling down our faces, because, what else can you do when the universe decides to throw every, stupid, small trivial thing it can at you all at once.  :)

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