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  •  Ideologically utterly different. (4+ / 0-)

    The Vatican has produced statements that favor labor and state Christian principles.

    But nothing like this.

    For the GOP there is a major challenge in the works. Thing is, they only have two persistent assets:

    -- Abortion

    -- Ronald Reagan

    Other than the core assests, it's one hoax after the next. As many as 50 active hoaxes at a time. Which means that they are required to sell slogans, lies, and slanders with every public breath.

    This pope, named for St. Francis of Assisi, speaks to his flock and cancels out Reagan right off. That "legacy" is irrelevant to what the GOP is pushing. He also damns the ideological teqbagger Republicans, particularly the Ayn Rand demon worshipers.

    That leaves abortion.

    Not enough. Not in states where there are critical Senate races.

    Betcha there's more hard core Catholics voting against the GOP -- based on social justice -- than voting against the Democrats. A huge change.

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