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View Diary: My touchy Controversial Immigration Issues just won`t go away (21 comments)

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  •  Because we can't take in 7 billion people (0+ / 0-)

    The line has to be drawn somewhere, or everyone in America will become just as poor and destitute as everyone trying to come here.

    I bet you think that clean drinking water is a human right, correct?  Well do you think there will be any clean water with billions crowding in, looking for oportunity?

    There are physical limits to how many people this country can support. The line has to be drawn somewhere, that's why we have a legal immigration process.  And those who don't get in line don't get in.

    Are you willing to give up your land, your food, and your water?

    •  See, those are much more direct arguments (0+ / 0-)

      than "we should do this because that's what Spain does."  I don't know why you brought up the whole Spain thing to begin with.  Unless what you were trying to do was establish some sort of moral equivalence, as though that justifies anything.

      If insufficient clean water is a problem, we need better water purification techniques and better water-saving practices.  If insufficient land is a problem, we need to start using our land more efficiently.  If insufficient food is a problem ... no, let's get real, insufficient food is not a problem.

      I can't defend a policy of "we've got ours, tough luck for everybody else who needs some of it."  Especially considering how we got ours in the first place: by invading and conquering, or later by, well, immigrating.

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