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View Diary: relaunch working at front end, but insurers at back end still have problems (132 comments)

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  •  Begging the question (3+ / 0-)
    In fact, since these systems are of direct benefit to the insurance companies they had every incentive to aid the Feds in the process.
    I agree! But they didn't do that. Which is my point.

    While the Obama administration called all-hands-on-deck, the insurance industry did not. Instead, they took your attitude: that it was the federal government's responsibility to negotiate the vagaries and inconsistencies of each company's proprietary rats' nest.

    In other words, they twiddled their thumbs.

    •  Nope (2+ / 0-)
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      TJ, auapplemac

      What should they have done?

      Written the code themselves?

      The Insurance companies are required to follow the Fed's lead on this.

      It's not like building a patio the backyard where you can just go out and do the work.  The ACA software/website uses proprietary processes and all the insurance companies can do is make their information available for the Fed'l authorities to use.

      They have fully cooperated.

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