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View Diary: relaunch working at front end, but insurers at back end still have problems (132 comments)

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    My current insurer has offered me a policy for $5.00 more a month that complies with the ACA. If I go through the marketplace the cheapest Bronze plan (from the same insurer btw) would increase my monthly premium 55 percent. Ridiculous! Guess which one I'm going to buy.

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      It is ridiculous, that your insurer is offering one plan to you and not to everyone else. This is very good for you and does not reflect poorly on the exchange at all.  It reflects very poorly on your insurer as a dumb business decision.

      I'm going to guess that in one year your plan will either be phased out, the price increased, or your plan at your cost will be offered on the exchange.  If I'm wrong, I'll owe you a beer!

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