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View Diary: World AIDS Day: From the Reagan White House to the Obama White House, nowhere to go but up (61 comments)

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  •  Reagan Was An Asshole (17+ / 0-)

    I'll never forget what a piece of shit that fucker was. I even remember what a crappy governor he was here in California. I remember how he brought depression era style homelessness back to California here first before he was president and then brought it back to the rest of the nation. I didn't vote for him. I never liked him. And I knew we were fucked when I found out he had won the election. And I was only 20 years old at the time. We progressives fucked up in 2010 when we had a second chance to put these fucks out to pasture. We had better not screw it up next year. We need to put our boot heels on their necks and squeeze the life out of them. We need to revoke Murdochs Visa and send him packing and we need to bring the Koch brothers up on charges. We need to pack the courts and the statehouses and local governments and schoolboards with hardcore liberals. We have to attack this grotesqueness like the cancer that it is.

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