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View Diary: Overcoming The Disruptive Effects of Corporate/Gov't Spying And Infiltration of Activist Groups (117 comments)

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  •  MB, first of all I don't believe that waiting for (2+ / 0-)
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    gerrilea, lostinamerica

    iron-clad guarantees that something will work perfectly before trying it is the way to go when it comes to the development of ideas for the resistance movement against corporate state proto-fascism.

    I do believe that if we close our minds to new ideas, new strategies, to adapting to conditions on the ground, the movement will forever be ineffective, which again, I think it is the goal and objective of the corporate-gov't spy network spread out across the country.

    Indirect tactics, efficiently applied, are inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth, unending as the flow of rivers and streams; like the sun and the moons, they end but to begin anew; like the four seasons, they pass away to return once more.

    -- Sun Tzu: The Art of War

    Also, yes, I agree that focusing too much on outing infiltrators is not healthy and could do more harm than good, so instead I suggest people focus on behavior, on trying to understand the tactics used by infiltrators in order to disrupt the movement.  Once those tactics are fully understood by activists, by keeping a healthy dose of skepticism about every person they interact with, they could be alerted to suspicious behavior.

    For example, I can't tell you how many emails I've gotten from "supporters" who want to collaborate with me and "get down to business," or "take the fight to the next level," or proclaiming to be "tired of this shit" and "ready to escalate, to stop talking."

    You see, to me, it doesn't matter whether they are true believers (i.e., not FBI, CIA, or infiltrators) or not... I'm looking for the pattern of entrapment, for the language they use.  But the reason I look for those patterns is because of the extensive reading I've done about how the corporate-owned national security apparatus does infiltration and entrapment.

    Now, as to the issue of infiltration regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement, I think that the problem all along is that the movement was too fractured when it comes to guiding principles... Principles that can lead to the development of clear strategies and tactics.

    You see, I do believe that the movement needs to be non-hierarchical and thus follow anarchist principles (which I think represents a higher order of social arrangement); that way, by not having a concentrated or hierarchical power structure (which can be easily infiltrated and co-opted), it will remain more resilient and adaptive to new conditions on the ground.

    In battle, there are not more than two methods of attack--the direct and the indirect; yet these two in combination give rise to an endless series of maneuvers.

    -- Sun Tzu: The Art of War

    But that's why the guiding principles of the "revolution" against the corporate state need to be clearly articulated.  That is key.  Chris Hedges has written about this extensively.

    As an analogy, think of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights...  Something similar could be drafted (again, using the open source, crowd-sourcing method), and then from that, clear strategies and tactics focused on defeating the corporate state (i.e., removing the choke-hold corporatist cartels have on our institutions) could be widely disseminated (in similar fashion as open source software)...

    Once this is done, the Anarchists will take it from there, in a way being at the vanguard of the movement (which has actually happened in previous movements).

    Now, in closing, let me give you once again an example of one tactic that could be employed (keeping in mind that the idea is to deploy countless tactics, everywhere, at the same time, seeking to stop the wheels...)


    Let's say we get 500 volunteers to commit to work on this for one year.  According to their own capabilities, some of them may be able to volunteer 2 hours a week.

    Let's say we want to have a minimum of ten people with very impactful large signs right in front of news media headquarters in San Francisco, seven days a week, from about 2:00pm to 6:00pm (two two-hour shifts).

    So there, the tactic is clearly defined and distributed to the "activist community."

    Then you launch the campaign, and activists show up at the designated locations... You could have the ten you wanted, or maybe 6 show up, or 50, but the idea is to do this relentlessly, every day, for weeks, and months to come.  Nonstop.

    Now, as to your concern regarding agitators, people within the movement should work on educating activists about identifying the type of behavior exhibited by infiltrators and provocateurs.

    And so, as the campaign is launched, if someone decides to throw a molotov bomb or engage in other violent acts, it is their individual decision, not something advocated by the movement.

    So if that individual is caught, then of course, they will be arrested and charged, but since there is no hierarchical structure within the movement, no one leader, no one organization that can be labeled as a "terrorist group," the movement remains fluid, and resilient.

    Now, what will the fascist police state will do in that situation?  Well the next logical step is for them to ban protests in front of media companies...

    But that's good.  Part of the idea here is to force the system to take off its mask, and as you push harder and harder, with several tactics applied constantly nonstop, the system will be forced to become more reactionary.  And as it does, more and more people will become aware of its true nature, joining the movement until it grows to the point that it can't be stopped.... And then the corporate state falls.

    Anyways, again, I thank you for challenging me on this.  I will actually turn this comment into a diary seeking further comments and input.

    •  FTR, I also don't believe we should wait for... (4+ / 0-)

      ...the perfect solution, because there is none. And I also wasn't challenging you (although I certainly do on occasion) but merely adding to the conversation in what I felt was a constructive elaboration based on my personal experience of being targeted for surveillance and groups I have been in being targeted by infiltrators and agents provocateurs.

      Don't tell me what you believe, show me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.

      by Meteor Blades on Tue Dec 03, 2013 at 05:10:52 PM PST

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