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View Diary: RKBA: Well Regulated Militia (364 comments)

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  •  Yes... (6+ / 0-)

    Diane should totally re-introduce the AWB II and make it stick.  The momentum is there!
    Add a full, nation-wide semi-auto rifle, shotgun and handgun ban!  
    Boehner will have to concede.  
    He just will.  He will.  I'm telling you.  We've got him!

    Fap fap fap

    •  Oh 43north, don't be mean (5+ / 0-)

      Let them have this one. They managed to get a law that bans a type of firearm that doesn't exist, same as the last time this thing was brought up.

      Sure, you could be really cruel and mention that the absolute pointlessness of banning something that can't actually be built using current technology and probably can't be built at all without some amazing leap forwards in plastics technology. You could mention that the only reason this thing got voted for by anybody is because of the sheer unlikeliness of anyone ever running afoul of it. You could even talk about how this law is the ultimate expression of feel-good do-nothing firearms legislation. But surely you're not that churlish are you?

      Just in case you're not, I am.

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