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View Diary: Corporate 'Dems': cutting Social Security is path to electoral victory (182 comments)

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  •  Why centrists are more insidious than Republicans (11+ / 0-)
    I see it as a 20 to 30 year plan.  No single bill will actually "privatize" SS in one swoop.  It will just get nibbled away while increasingly mandatory private schemes grow.
    At least you can see Paul Ryan coming.  He tells you what he wants to do to you.  These 3rd Way folks are the most brazenly dishonest folks around.  The only way their agenda differs from Republicans is that they are sanctimonious elitists who fully intend to keep all of their own money while they coerce the middle class into playing Robin Hood for the poorest of the poor and then congratulate themselves at how successful they were at controlling the rubes.  

    This is why whatever happened to Kansas happened to Kansas.   Americans despise elitists and the centrist elitists are worse than the old liberal elitists because they more directly target the lower end of the middle class.   They have utter contempt for the folks out there.  They figure they don't deserve middle class lives.  They aren't cool.  They didn't attend the Ivy League.  They watch reality TV.  They shop at Kohls.   They don't deserve video games or a Friday night out at the Pizza Ranch.  

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