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View Diary: White male college students refuse to learn about racism, get teacher disciplined (130 comments)

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  •  She probably *is* a good instructor, but (3+ / 0-)
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    from her account it does not sound like she handled that situation especially well. The class, as I recall, is "Introduction to Media Studies", which sounds like the kind of required 100-level course that gets passed off between several different faculty members. She may very well have been given a course that doesn't play to her strengths.  The student was quoted as saying "Why do we always talk about this?" In the context of a 100-level course (if that's what this is) that can be a valid complaint regardless of the topic.

    Teaching those kind of  courses can be a difficult task. In large part because many of the students are NOT there of their own free will and do NOT have the option of leaving/changing if they don't like the syllabus. I'm very willing to believe that these students are racist creeps, but that doesn't mean she did a good job teaching or that she handled the situations appropriately.

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