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  •  Perhaps their enjoyment is born out of a constant (5+ / 0-)

    stress and frustration that comes from living as a poor child of poor parents.

    Really think about why on a deeper level, that video series might appeal to them and perhaps there is a way to draw that out.

    What is it on face value? Violence.

    What does it symbolize to them?

    Sharkeisha--Shark? Is that name a pun? Is it an accident that her name contains the term for a powerful predator?

    When people feel powerless, sometimes it feels good to find ways of recapturing that feeling of being independent.

    If you have to live in a dangerous place that is known to facilitate violence, who wouldn't want to be a shark? Or something like?  It must feel like every day, these kids are going into battle of some sort.

    When you live in that state, it is better to be feared than loved. Have you ever asked them about that?

    What could be more independent than a shark?

    The girls in the other fights--do they represent other archetypes? Or symbolize other concepts or situations?

    Maybe their test scores will never be high. Maybe the admins will always complain and regurgitate data. But you have the unique opportunity to actually teach these children to THINK.

    If you teach them to lead an examined life, if you teach them how to be curious, then no "low test score" or "Data" can hold them back forever.

    They might never embody the conventional notion of success in our society, but perhaps when they mature, and after using these other skills, they might become a voice in the wilderness, someone to lead others not to material wealth, but to a better life, a more curious life, a voice that can astutely question authority and really shake things up.

    Maybe you just need a fresh perspective.

    Don't let the idiots set you up for failure. Perhaps it's time to redefine what success is.

    You can teach children to regurgitate all day long and it might up their test scores maybe. But if you teach a child how to teach themselves--you will have released a genuine power into this world.

    Gentlemen, congratulations. You're everything we've come to expect from years of government training (Zed, MIB).

    by GreenMother on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 06:07:06 AM PST

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