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  •  willingness to learn (3+ / 0-)
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    I don't have answers for you, but am posting to say that I hope you continue to honor your knowledge that willingness to learn is crucial.

    I also feel like formal educational systems in the US are, at their core, designed to assimilate students into a very sick system. Willingness to learn in such a hostile environment can be very dangerous because it requires an open-ness that may not be warranted by the institutional context. Some of your students might get that at the gut level, whether or not they would ever be willing or able to articulate it in words.

    (And no matter how wonderful you are as a teacher, you can't make up for an entire institutional context and expecting yourself to do so - if you ever have - is IMO a recipe for spiritual burnout).

    Best wishes to you in your decision. I'm an introvert and generally don't hug strangers, but if I wasn't I'd also offer a hug :)

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