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View Diary: ALEC crawls from under rock to do damage control (39 comments)

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  •  Dump ALEC Campaign (11+ / 0-)

    Perhaps what's needed is a coordinated campaign to target ALEC corporate supporters and let them know that they are being watched.  The corporate sponsors need to be exposed and targeted with protests, petitions, e-mails, etc.  Best to stimulate and facilitate a stampede if they are capable of being spooked.  It's also important for the DNCC to publicize the nationwide campaign so that voters can understand that this is clearly not grassroots-based and it's corporate-sponsored.

    •  Yep, get mobilized (6+ / 0-)

      Start getting elected officials on the record denouncing ALEC or denying that they're bought-and-paid-for puppets or ALEC. Keep an eye on legislation going through your state governments: Who's shepherding these bills through, who gets to testify at committee hearings, and who decides when to bring things to a vote (usually when they think nobody's watching).

      According to the post, ALEC hasn't really lost all that much numerically speaking - both in terms of elected officials and corporate stooges, they're still above 75% of their peak. The fact that they're concerned about this indicates that they need every supporter, every politician, every company they've got to advance their ruinous agenda. Keep peeling off their support, and they may even panic.

      Allowing this little tidbit of news - the prodigal project - to get into the public arena shows a certain weakness or vulnerability. Toss 'em a crate full of anchors.

    •  My comment on this at The Guardian (4+ / 0-)
      Nice to hear this news, but I'd be highly surprised if all those corporations which "don't want the controversy" don't seek out other ways to accomplish what ALEC did so well for so many years....create model legislation based on what big business wants.

      Corporate government relations doesn't like the glare of publicity and public awareness on this kind of thing. ALEC's problem was that it got caught. The incentives to tailor government to its own needs are as strong as ever for business lobbyists.

      Karl Rove ran into trouble because so much of the money business gave him to help elect friendly politicians didn't in the last cycle. That doesn't mean there won't be lots MORE money working to that end in the months and years ahead.

      Free markets would be a great idea, if markets were actually free.

      by dweb8231 on Tue Dec 03, 2013 at 12:58:05 PM PST

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