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    yojimbo, Lujane

    At least somebody here understands what is going on :-)
    Seriously, you are correct. That is a team work I did initiate it, but many people from the far left to far right are with me. We are all American Citizens by the end of the day. If the country in trouble - we are all in trouble. Susan (see her comment above) indicated, that "This is a site dedicated to electing more and better democrats". I got different impression, I was sure that this site dedicated to make our country better and party line is secondary. Politicians want to Divide and Conquer, they want us to fight on issues. I want (and I did it on Staten Island) find a common ground and fight together against people, who outsource American jobs and killing our country. Any questions - please ask. I do not use any nick names, I am absolutely open...

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