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View Diary: My Love Letter to the Democratic Party: You're a Bunch of LOSERS (75 comments)

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  •  Reminds me of the mental abuse topic I have (17+ / 0-)

    had to pay special attention to in my life.  What is really bad about abuse is the false feedback.  

    If you are told good is bad, bad is good, up is down, down is up, failure is success and success is failure long enough you second guess yourself to the point of paralysis which is the point of the abuse to begin with.

    This obviously can be attempted and can sometimes succeed on a grand scale.  As a surmounter of this kind of treatment for a large portion of my life I know I had to learn the fine art of self-referencing.  That's not to say our thoughts and ideas don't need vetting and testing (same thing in practice) but keeping us from action is the manipulative false feedback that is a very personal kind of propaganda.

    The concern troll is one big part of this con.

    •  Doesn't work for me (1+ / 0-)
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      Keep on doing what you've been doing.

      John Munich Kerry? A snooze through our employment catastrophe? Drone war, Afghan war, don't we got any more?

      [shrugs] I see the con fine, okay, but I see a lot of blood on the page too. Funny how that gets missed so often around here.

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