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View Diary: Alert: Art. V Convention Threat Grows: Dec 7, 2013 Assembly (258 comments)

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  •  There IS NO such law (0+ / 0-)

    The law usually considered to confer corporate personhood DOESN'T! There's a summary on the outside jacket of the laws in that law library (or whatever it is - can't recall) that allows legal people to read quickly what the law says and does. Then if they need specifics they can open and read it line by line. The clerk (a lawyer himself I think) was in the pay of the "elites" corporations, and said in the summary on that outside jacket that the law "confers corporate personhood" or words to that effect, when in truth absolutely NOTHING is said about it at ALL. That being the case, I don't understand why it can't simply be cancelled out and corporations be treated as businesses instead of not just people, but very PRIVILEGED people! It was a scam in the first place!


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