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  •   Saint Ronald gets credit for Stealth and ending (1+ / 0-)
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    Tinfoil Hat

    inflation when it was Jimmy Carter who had the cajones to appoint Paul Volcker as Fed Chairman in 1978 and gave him full freedom to deregulate rates that led to the end of inflation. GOOPERs to this day laugh at the rates that resulted from allowing unfettered free market forces.

    Jimmy Carter canceled funds for the B1-B in 1977 to 'stealthly' fund stealth (he couldn't disclose it at the time). The GOOPERs called him an agent of Moscow. The Saint called it a travesty that would cripple the US military

    When stealth flew in 1981 (a few months after the Saint took office), it was the Saint who was given (and took) credit for this new technology.

    In Aug 1982, when inflation was low, the Saint begged Volcker to end unfettered rates.  The Wall Street Urinal actually wrote that it was the Saint who had forced Carter to appoint Volcker in 1978!

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