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    It wasn't a majority of the comments that said that anyone who did not think the comic was simian were also racists, but such comments were made, by frontpagers here, no less, recc'd up and with not a single word said in opposition.

    That being said, the reason this is worthwhile to discuss is NOT, I repeat, NOT because somehow I am hurt by this and my hurt needs to be addressed at all in the way that people of color were affected by this comic. That is important so let me pause there. The most important thing is recognizing that depictions of AA as simian or close enough to simian that a large group of people see simian features causes real harm to people.

    The reason talking about this comment, that all people who did not see the ape like nature of the comic are also racists, is because 1) I don't think that is true and 2) it made it impossible to have any conversation after. I mean, where do you from there? Either agree with me or you are a racist. That's a nonstarter. And that's ok if you don't want to have a conversation. If that was the goal, to say "I'm mad, I'm hurt and you are contributing to it", then the goal was achieved. But if the goal was to really talk to others in the community who had sincere disagreements, this didn't help.

    You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?” --George Bernard Shaw, JFK, RFK

    by CenPhx on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 12:59:27 PM PST

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      I'm still not sure which comment(s) are being referred to since I didn't see them I guess. I think I saw one by a front pager who has posted before that we all, if we live in this country, have at least some racism within ourselves, and she has included herself in that statement. So in that sense we are all racists. There may have been other ones that you and CroneWit are referring to and I just missed them. But I felt like the overall tone was more about placing the cartoon within a framework of historical depictions of AAs in the US, and addressing the hurtfulness of having that framework intrude here.

      I'm not sure what conversation there is to be had, really, with respect to your second paragraph. A conversation about who's "right" on whether it was or was not a racist image? Because the comments and diaries that tried to treat it like a logic puzzle / geometry problem ("see, the nose doesn't look like X, ergo it is not a racist image") are missing the point IMO.

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