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  •  In the context of Rosa Parks MSNBC had on a new (5+ / 0-)
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    SaintC, gchaucer2, Denver11, a2nite, Linda1961

    Young fella from the RNC to spout talking points. The new talking point is that the Rosa Parks tweet was a "Typo" and "Old News" and he bragged about the Detroit outreach....

    I want 1 less Tiny Coffin, Why Don't You? Support The President's Gun Violence Plan.

    by JML9999 on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 09:57:15 AM PST

    •  They just keep telling themselves (7+ / 0-)

      their "unskewing" lies under the notion that telling a lie over and over again will eventually lead people to believe it, and the bigger the lie the better.  Let's ask Rmoney how that turns out.  If they think this BS will lure any people of color or women into the fold, they again will have a rude awakening.

      "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine." -- Patti Smith

      by followyourbliss on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 10:03:43 AM PST

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    •  He bragged about the Detroit outreach? (8+ / 0-)

      He must be a VERY young fella.  The people of Detroit, and every black person I've heard mention this "outreach," tend to swear at it - or spit.  They realize the governor who masterminded forcing the city into bankruptcy is a Republican and so are the fat cats and the bankers that will make out like the bandits they are on the backs of Detroit's working people.

      "In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican." - H. L. Mencken

      by SueDe on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 10:24:43 AM PST

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