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  •  The Progressive.... (4+ / 0-)
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    ek hornbeck, poligirl, Kombema, TheMomCat

    gave Rall a sympathetic interview. Did not get much commentary.

    •  There were some comments of note (6+ / 0-)

      at a couple of other web sites that were pretty critical of DK admin for allowing this to go this far. There were two comments that were quite critical by a couple of long time site denizens

      The first one

      Daily Kos has a history of grotesquely vicious long running fights (and I mean, grudge matches years old) on issues of Race and Racism. These fights reached a fever pitch around the fall of 2010.

      Anyone who defended an accused racist was a racist. Featured writers penned wishes for "roach motels for people". The moderator decided that it was impossible for whites to be the victims of a racist attack. The moderator then decided that "The Black Community", as defined by one self-appointed voice, would be the final arbiter of what was or was not racist.

      If you're not a trusted member, you'll never see how ugly these fights were as most of the material is "hidden" from the general public through community moderation. It's all still there in its hideous glory for the site regulars, though.

      Much of it would shame the regulars at 4chan. The people telling you stories about how "everyone gets along" there are doing just that - telling you stories. Much of the site traffic revolves around people trying to get each other banned, finding excuses to try to "hide" the comments of people they dislike, and trying to play the moderators to find ones sympathetic to their hatreds.

      There are literally dozens of cliques whose participation at the site revolves entirely around these games, and they ally to form super-cliques on some issues.

      Kos is very simply terrified to address issues of race in any way that won't please a super clique that has repeatedly threatened to burn the place down. He's handed the issue over to them, and repeatedly allowed them to use it to silence any serious criticism of the President Obama's policies.

      Almost none of what happened has anything to do with how Rall draws the President. In fact, in some of the strongly pro-war "communities" at the site, people were openly discussing what line of attack might work to remove him.

      This is the one they, of course, landed on. Kos seems to believe that letting them call the shots is a smart move. His site is in dire financial trouble, and he's down to sending out e-mail blasts begging for five dollar donations so that he can make payroll.

      He'd much rather have "Kos stands up to nasty Obama hating racist" be the headline than "Kos silences black voices and honors racist who draws an Ape-Obama".

      Paying his mortgage depends on it.

      and the second:
      Much of the audience despises any cartoonist who isn’t a Yellow Dog Democrat. To explain quickly, a posting can get positive or negative votes. Enough negative votes will effectively delete comments, but positive votes can counter negative. Here we go into the madness Matt Borrs seems to have inspired in some.

      49 positive, 58 negative. This isn’t just a poll, a negative vote at this site means you think the content is so hateful it should be hidden from the public. People are only allowed 5 negatives a day, but have unlimited positives. So remember that these users are spending precious ammunition they need for their daily blog wars.

      Only long-time heavy site users are even given these negative votes. They are the core of the subscription buying user base.

      This is a Tom the Dancing Bug strip. They voted 49 to 68 to try to hide it from the public, and if you check the comments, they also claimed IT was racist.

      This is how Dailykos works. Now, no one sent nasty messages to these two cartoonists, and they’re both paid to post there, and their work wasn’t censored.

      Obviously, neither of them wanted to raise the kind of stink Rall has raised. Most white men accused of racism prefer to slink away and hope the controversy disappears. That seems to have largely worked for them.

      Markos wasn’t on Thanksgiving break when these incidents happened. He didn’t allow them to be “disciplined”.

      This time he left someone else to mind the store for four days and returned to a fait accompli. He had to decide whether to cut off an employee at the knees for a bad call or roll with trying to get some mileage out of slamming a guy who rubs many the wrong way.

      That’s why he responded to no one in the press until Monday.

      Currently, at least one of Mr. Moulitsas’ editors is gleefully posting about how much this kerfuffle is driving up traffic and bringing out lurkers. Given that Kos is desperately pumping out emails begging users for five dollar “donations”, you have to wonder what role that might have played in efforts to increase his site traffic and please some of his users.

      Any journalist wanting to cover this should not only ask “Are Mr. Moulitsas and Denise Oliver Velez and Tim Lange right to call Ted Rall a nasty racist bigot and claim he doesn’t draw anyone else the way he draws Obama?”

      Maybe they should also ask if the user base is adult enough to understand what political cartooning is, and what lengths Mr. Moulitsas will go to trying to float his foundering ship.

      "Information is power. But like all power there are those who want to keep it for themselves" Aaron Swartz, 1986 - 2013

      by TheMomCat on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 09:03:38 PM PST

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      •  None of this is new to me (1+ / 0-)
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        I am already familiar with DKos.  And none of this really serves to invalidate or change the reality that the images really bother people.

        Are there a variety of motivations and factors at play? There always is. But none of that makes the perceptions of people who feel hurt by this any less real, despite all the politics that are mixed into the fracas.

        I try to separate the major elements when that happens. I see the hurt as a real thing, and I try to remember that no matter how crazy the political fighting gets, the basic history is still true, and the feeling of slight still real. It all gets mixed together, because people are people, and everyone tends to weave it all together, but beneath all the argument, there is a long, terrible history that happened, and that is still being felt, and its as real as anything.

        Anyway... I don't see this going anywhere good, so I'll bow out of here.

        "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

        by ZhenRen on Wed Dec 04, 2013 at 10:15:46 PM PST

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