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  •  We have no chance of changing the legislative (1+ / 0-)
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    landscape until 2014, and it will be difficult to flip the House.  Retaining Senate is doable, but a challenge to Dems.

    But we're talking not single-issue, two-syllable yes-no politics. We're talking about correcting decades of misinformation served up by the conservative right.  We also need to acknowledge that low-info, lottery-loving voters identify with these canard rags-to-riches tales...just follow my steps and you'll be a Sara Palin suggests,

    Nonetheless, POTUS must continue to rail on social justice issues every chance he gets! Most of us know that this is good policy and for that reason alone, he must do this.

    But a convincing argument can be made that voters really want a strong middle class.  They hate taxes, but they hate it less when folks at the top pay proportionately more. And voters want good schools and good roads more than they care about whether the top 5% has a tax rate hike. Which they really don't.

    POTUS needs to educate and passionately advocate for working Americans. This is cultural battle.  They take time. But our message is correct, and sooner or later, we have to believe it will resonate with voters.

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